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 Publication, Winter 2018-2019
dancing longer danceng strongerDancing Longer, Dancing Stronger
2nd Edition

Robin Kish and Jennie Morton

Based on the latest scientific research, Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger offers a complete conditioning program to help dancers improve technique and lessen the danger of injury. By presenting general principles of injury prevention as well as specific exercises for increasing strength and flexibility, the book provides information that dancers of all ages and skill levels can use to improve performance.Common problems are discussed in a question and answer format. It also gives a thorough overview of anatomy and exercise physiology.

About the Authors
Robin Kish earned an MFA in kinesiology and pedagogy at the University of California, Irvine, and an MS in exercise physiology and biomechanics from California State University, Fullerton. She is Associate Professor at Chapman University where she teaches Dance Kinesiology and Injury Prevention, Movement Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, and Modern and Ballet Techniques.

Jennie Morton began her career as a classical ballet dancer in London and obtained a BSC (honors) degree from Middlesex University,UK. A dance medicine specialist since 1999, she is currently developing a wellness program for the Dance Department, California Institute for the Arts.

ISBN 9780871273970, 278 pages
PBC00331 $37.95

Ballet & Modern Dance 3rd editionBallet & Modern Dance: A Concise History
Third Edition
Jack Anderson

Ballet &  Modern Dance, Third Edition meets the needs of both students and inquisitive dance goers through a narrative focused on the development of Western theatrical dance from the Renaissance through the first decades of the 21st century, incorporating the most recent scholarship and projecting trends. The text is illuminated by excerpts from primary sources and embellished with 65 photos and drawings. A section of biographical profiles at the end of the book serves as a  supplementary reference source. A new chapter "Ongoing Explorations" points the way to the future of dance. This edition has been updated with revisions to Chapters 8,9, and 10, new Chapters 11 and 12, updated Short Profiles, updated Bibliography, and many new photographs.

The Author, Jack Anderson, is a dance critic for The New York Times, correspondent for the Dancing Times of London, co-editor of Dance Chronicle, author the The Nutcracker Ballet and  The One and Only:The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, as well as eight books of poetry.

Table of Contents:
1.The Pleasures of Dance History
2. Glimpses of the Past
3. Dance at the Royal Courts
4. The Professionalization of Ballet
5. The Sunshine and Moonlight of Romantic Ballet
6. The Imperial Russian Ballet
7. Balletic Astonishments
8. The Rise of American Ballet
9. The Phoenix of Modern Dance
10. Ballet Around the World
11. International Contemporary Dance
12 Ongoing Explorations

ISBN 9780871273963
PBC00135 $34.95

appreciating dance 5th edAppreciating Dance: A Guide
to the World's Liveliest Art

5th Edition

Harriet Lihs and
The Editors of Dance Horizons

Appreciating Dance, 5th Edition is a thorough and accurate history of various forms of dance, analyzing everything from social dance and ballet and modern dance to tap, jazz, theatrical dance and contemporary dance. In it readers will find a brief biography of notable dancers and choreographers, information needed to expand the enjoyment of performance; the intersection of dance and religion; the history of dance through the beginning of the 21st century; and budding dance trends. Each chapter in this fifth edition has been updated and revised with new information,  suggestions for YouTube viewing, and discussion questions.


Table of Contents

1. Definitions and Origins
2. Dance and Religion
3. Social Dance
4. The Development of Ballet: From the Royal Courts to Theatrical Dance
5. Modern Dance
6. The American Originals: Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Television and Film Dance
7. Dance in the 21st Century
8. A Dancer's World: Careers and Concerns

ISBN 9780871273956  
PBC0044 $39.95

mark morris bookMark Morris: Musician - Choreographer
Stephanie Jordan

A scholarly study of Mark Morris and his relationship with music across the span of his career.

Morris’ output is discussed in detail in three periods: 1980 to 1988 (Early Dances); 1988 to 1991 (Brussels), a period that included the fabulous l’Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato and his version of The Nutcracker—The Hard Nut; and 1992 to 2014 (Big Stories and Big Forms), a period that included Mozart Dances, Greek to Me, Four Saints in Three Acts, and the controversial Romeo and Juliet, as well as his collaboration with cellist Yo-Yo Ma. He is the contemporary choreographer most often cited for his emphasis on musical values, choreographing in both dance and opera, and as conductor of his own music ensemble and Music Director of the Ojai Music Festival.

Includes many musical examples and chronology of works.

About the author: Stephanie Jordan, a pioneer in the field of dance research, is currently Research Professor in Dance at the University of Roehampton, London, where she was previously Head of the Department of Dance. Her previous books are Striding Out: Aspects of Contemporary and New Dance in Britain, Moving Music: Dialogues with Music in Twentieth-Century Ballet, and Stravinsky Dances: Re-Visions Across a Century – a work that began when she was commissioned by the George Balanchine Foundation in New York.

556 pages, hardbound, 34 black and white photographs, 6.5" x 9.5"
ISBN 978-1-85273-175-5

DBL01132  $84.95

Other Books by Stephanie Jordan
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stravinsky dances moving music striding out

Stravinsky Dances
Re-Visions Across a Century

Moving Music
Dialogues with Music in
Twentieth-Century Ballet

Striding Out

creative dance and learning
Creative Dance and Learning:
Making the Kinesthetic Link

by Mary Ann Brehm and Lynne McNett

Essential reading for teachers who want to include movement and dance into their lesson plans

Bringing together the traditions of creative dance and current educational theory, Creative Dance and Learning gives teachers the means to make movement expression a part of students’ lives. By helping them develop their kinesthetic intelligence, the text shows teachers how to tap into this rich modality of learning and integrate it into the many goals of education, including self-awareness, creativity, fitness, and individual and group problem-solving skills. Extensive lesson plan applications demonstrate how movement activities can be linked to academic subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. More than 25 lesson plans and 40 lesson adaptations are included so that lessons can be adapted to a wide range of age groups and settings. Creative Toolboxes offer specific activities to try with students and Concept Spotlights encapsulate lesson concepts. Lesson Worksheets and Brainstorming Lists illustrate the lesson-planning process, while chapter summaries and review questions round out this helpful resource.

About the Authors: Mary Ann Brehm has taught dance to people of all ages and abilities for more than 30 years, including courses for classroom teachers in using dance within a school setting at the Lesley University, University of Vermont, and University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. She currently offers creative dance teacher training workshops. She lives in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Lynne McNette has taught creative dance and integrated arts in school settings for 30 years. She worked for ten years as a professional development consultant for the Allied Arts Education project in Bellingham, Washington, and currently teaching at Western Washington University. She lives in Bellingham, Washington.

332 pages 8-1/2 x 11 paperbound ISBN 9780871273895
PBC00201 $39.95


cocteauThe Dance Theatre of Jean Cocteau
Frank W.D. Ries

Serge Diaghilev (founder of the Ballet Russes) said to Cocteau “Astonish me!” in pre-World War I Paris. Cocteau did astonish Diaghilev and the dance-going world. In an artistic career spanning five decades, and for which he was best known as poet, artist, dramatist, designer and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau was also involved directly and indirectly with nearly twenty ballets. His influence on such works as Parade, Le Jeune homme et la mort, Orphée, and La Dame à la licorne was pervasive – from the dramatic action, to lighting, to costume and set design. His creations, in collaboration with composers (like Stravinsky), artists (like Picasso) and choreographers (Fokine, Nijinsky), were fully integrated theater pieces and still performed today.

About the author: Frank Ries was a noted dance historian and iconic professor/performer at University of California, Santa Barbara who researched all of Cocteau's ballets. Dr. Ries used interviews and Cocteau's own writings, reviews and critiques – some of which have never previously been translated – in this analysis of Cocteau's involvement in the world of dance.

260 pages, hardbound, 28 black and white photographs
ISBN 978-1-85273-169-4
DBL00393 $55.00

Roamtic Ballet in EnglandThe Romantic Ballet in England
Ivor Guest

In the development of ballet, the Romantic period was a golden age. Of the many centers of ballet activity in those fruitful years, London made an exceptional contribution. At Her Majesty’s Theatre during the 1840s, the greatest choreographic genius of his day, Jules Perrot, produced a series of masterpieces featuring the brightest stars in an unprecedented galaxy of ballerinas dancing alongside one another. Perrot’s achievement is the highlight of Ivor Guest’s classic study, which also describes the developments which led up to it and the sad decline that came shortly afterward.

From an exhaustive examination of contemporary accounts and memoirs, the great Ivor Guest brings to life the personalities of international stars such as Taglioni and Elssler, Cerrito and Carlotta Grisi. A companion to the author’s The Romantic Ballet in Paris, this book is the story of an important period in ballet history and of those who played their part in it.

204 pages, hardbound, 24 black and white illustrations.
DBL 01724 $44.95

Fanny ElsserFanny Elssler
The Pagan Ballerina
Ivor Guest

Fanny Elssler (1810-1884) was one of the most brilliant stars of the Romantic ballet. The rival of equally famous Marie Taglioni, she represented the passionate expression of the dance. Théophile Gautier (poet, dramatist, novelist, art and literary critic) distinguished the two ballerinas by describing Elssler as a pagan dancer and Taglioni as a Christian dancer. Her style found its true expression in her famous Spanish character dance Cachucha. Even more, it was her dramatic genius that conquered the audiences before whom she appeared.

She approached, more closely than any other ballerina of her time, the ideal of the complete dancer-actress, and her example lives on today in the tradition that modern ballerinas follow in of Giselle. In Ivor Guest's biography her performances come vividly to life through eyewitness accounts, and the story of her life is told with a wealth of detail, much of it hitherto unpublished. Among the highlights are Elssler's adventurous tour of the United States (she was the first great ballerina to cross the Atlantic), her fantastic triumphs in Russia, and the persistent legend of her liaison with the son of Napoleon. This is the definitive study of one of the greatest figures in the history of ballet.

About the author: Ivor Guest began his research into the history of ballet over sixty years ago, and has published more than thirty books on the subject. Many of his books are standard specialist works noted not only for the depth of his research and his understanding of the political, social, and artistic background, but for their readability. He has long been prominently involved with the Royal Academy of Dance, which, under his chairmanship from 1969 to 1993, enjoyed a period of great expansion. He is now a Vice-President.

318 pages, hardbound, 62 black and white illustrations
ISBN 978-1-85273-168-7
DBL00511 $55.00

dance experience 3rd edThe Dance Experience, Third Edition
Insights into History, Culture, and Creativity

Myron Howard Nadel and Marc Raymond Strauss

Highlighting the broad range of types of dance—ballet, modern tap, jazz, ballroom, Broadway, on the movie screen, African and Japanese, folk—this collection features a variety of engaging essays written by experts in their fields.

This guide provides an understanding of the history, evolution, and universality of dance as an art form.

The book invites readers to experience and critique a performance by understanding the creative processes that make the performance: choreography, the contribution of the dancer to the dance, costume design, lighting design, technical theater, dance notation, technique.

This engaging collection of eighteen original essays considers ballet, modern, jazz and tap dance, Broadway and movie dance, folk, ethnic, and social dance as well as aspects of technique, choreography, lighting, and costuming. Providing an understanding of the history, evolution, and universality of dance, it explores the significance of dance in culture, its relationship to other art forms, and the creative process.

Each chapter is an in-depth study written by an expert on the subject. An extensive annotated appendix of DVD/Film resources gives suggestions for viewing dance to enhance the dance experience.

This edition has been reorganized and updated, with five new chapters.

Click here to see table of contents

About the Authors
Marc Raymond Strauss is Professor of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University and co-editor with Myron Nadel of Looking at Contemporary Dance.

Myron Howard Nadel was Professor of Dance at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he has also served as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He was founding Chair of the Dance Department at the University of Wisconsin , Milwaukee, Coordinator for Music Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University and Chair of Performing Arts at Buffalo State College.

400 pages, 6 x 9, paperback
ISBN 9780871273833
PBC00298 $34.95

Dance Production and Management
Heather Trommer-Beardslee, MA

click for sample pages

dance production and managementThis “how to” book lays out the sequence of planning from establishing a mission statement and auditions to performing and touring. The technical aspects of theater are covered as well as costuming, lighting, makeup, publicity, and fundraising. The reader is first asked to create a fictional company and follow it through every step, providing a virtual experience. Equally useful for colleges and schools, dance studios, and professional and amateur companies.

Heather Trommer-Beardslee, MA is a member of the dance faculty at Central Michigan University where she teaches Dance Production and Management, and directs the University Concert Dance Theater. She is also the booking agent for Jump Rhythm Jazz, an award-winning company based in Chicago. Prior to her position at CMU she directed two dance studios.

125 pages, 6 x 9, paperback, 15 illustrations
ISBN 9780871273840
PBC00380 $24.95


Teachers: Please request your examination copy for courses enrolling 5 or more students

hawkinsBack in Print

The Erick Hawkins
Modern Dance Technique

Renata Celichowska
Tribute by Lucia Dlugoszewski

In addition to creating powerful dance works, Erick Hawkins developed a comprehensive and universal system of dance training. This book contains detailed explanation of the Hawkins technique that ranges from coverage of basic principals to a complete class syllabus. The text is supported by an abundance of illustrations, photographs and Labanotation examples.

198 pages, paperbound, 6” x 9”, 35 photographs, 50 line drawings
ISBN 9780871272133
PBC00423 $24.95


thinking through danceThinking Through Dance
The Philosophy of Dance Performance and Practices

Jenny Bunker, Anna Pakes, Bonnie Rowell, Editors

The philosophy of dance is a burgeoning field of enquiry. This volume represents something of the breadth of international research currently underway. It draws together contributors who are professional philosophers, dance scholars and dance practitioners from Britain, continental Europe, the United States and South Africa. Individual essays draw on different philosophical traditions, including analytic, phenomenological, and post-cultural. The primary focus is on theater dance in the Western tradition.

The editors are colleagues at the University of Roehampton, London

320 pages, paperbound
ISBN 9788527316-6
DBL01903 $34.95

Embodied PoliticsEmbodied Politics
Dance Protest and Identities

Stacey Prickett

Embodied Politics presents four case studies that center on social issues in the United States and Britain. America’s left-wing dance roots are traced through Edith Segal’s work in 1920s summer camps and her union activism in Detroit in the late 1930s. In Britain, dancer-choreographer Margaret Barr and composer Alan Bush emerge as catalysts behind 1930s leftist modern dance. In an analysis of contemporary dance, San Francisco’s dance community activism contributes to innovative collaborative productions. Britain’s influential South Asian dance presence is explored through its practitioners’ grassroots efforts linked to dance education and training.

The author: Stacey Prickett is a Principal Lecturer in Dance Studies at the University of Roehampton, London.

296 pages, paperbound
68 pages of photographs
ISBN 9781852731663

DBL00410 $34.95

looking at contemporary danceLooking at Contemporary Dance
A Guide for the Internet Age

By Marc Raymond Strauss
With Myron Howard Nadel

click for sample pages

A decade-by-decade approach to the 20th and 21st centuries, covering more than 110 choreographers, companies, institutions, and dancers from both modern dance and ballet, and over 220 search addresses. Ideal for use in smart classrooms where, with the pressing of a few keys, teachers can present clips of dances from the Internet to illustrate the text and supplement their lectures. A videography for each chapter provides information for viewing complete works and documentaries.

About the Authors: Marc Raymond Strauss is Professor of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University and co-editor with Myron Nadel of the Third Edition of The Dance Experience.

Myron Howard Nadel is Professor of Dance at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he has also served as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He was founding Chair of the Dance Department at the University of Wisconsin , Milwaukee, Coordinator for Music Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University and Chair of Performing Arts at Buffalo State College.

Click here to read the table of contents

208 pages, paperbound
ISBN 9780871273543
PBC01131 $24.95

Back In Print:

prime moversPrime Movers
The Makers of Modern Dance in America
Second Edition
by Joseph H. Mazo

The story of the creators of a new art form: Loïe Fuller, Duncan, St. Denis, Shawn, Humphrey, Graham, Cunningham, Nikolais, Ailey, Taylor and Tharp, with additional material from the author’s writings about Erick Hawkins, Judith Jamison, Garth Fagan, Trisha Brown, Laura Dean, Ulysses Dove, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Ralph Lemon, Mark Morris and Bill T. Jones—an astonishing, courageous, colorful group.

350 pages, paperbound, 6" x 9", 70 photographs
ISBN 978-0-87127-211-9
PBC01509 $27.95

modern dance formsModern Dance Forms
In Relation to the Other Modern Arts

Louis Horst and Carroll Russell
Preface by Janet Mansfield Soares,
Foreword by Martha Graham

By relating the development of modern dance to movements in painting, architecture, drama, and music, Horst prompts students to develop a keen eye for emerging trends in the arts as a continual resource for dance.

151 pages, paperbound, 5-1/2" x 8"
ISBN 978-0-916622-52-7
PBC01231 $11.95

pointebookThe Pointe Book

Janice Barringer and Sarah Schlesinger

click for sample pages

The only book of its kind, rewritten throughout, takes the mystery out of a confusing field. Dancers and students quickly benefit from the most current research—offering the latest information on hundreds of shoe designs, products and suppliers.

The fundamentals of buying, preparing, and wearing pointe shoes are presented, including a detailed list of the many possible characteristics of each shoe.

In discussing pointe shoe readiness, the authors present an array of contemporary views about when students should go on pointe—then, the way major ballet schools integrate pointe work into their classes, with in-depth opinions from David Howard, Suki Schorer and Steven Wistrich, among others. They take an intensive look at pointe-related injuries to the foot and ankle, their remedies, therapies, and exercises, and medical and therapy providers.

An understanding of the relationship between a ballerina and her shoes is gained by listening to the greatest dancers—like Paloma Herrera, Jenifer Ringer, Gillian Murphy and Evelyn Cisneros—talk about how they found the perfect fit and the joy of dancing on pointe.

Janice Barringer danced professionally for more than twenty-five years, and now teaches, choreographs, writes and creates classroom CDs and instructional DVDs. She has written articles for Dancer, Pointe, Dance, Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit magazines. She has served on the faculty of the American Dance Center, Ballet Hispanico, Harkness House, and Steps on Broadway, and is now a professor of dance at Pace University in New York City

Sarah Schlesinger has extensive experience fitting pointe shoes and solving pointe shoe-related problems as former owner of Capezio Dance Theater Shops in Maryland and Delaware. She is now Chairperson of the graduate musical theater writing program in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

368 Pages
Paperbound • PBC01553 ISBN 9780871273550 
Hardbound • PBC01554 • ISBN 9780871273574

intro to modern dance techniquesIntroduction to
Modern Dance Techniques

Joshua Legg

click for sample pages

Bringing together all of the major modern dance techniques, this engaging account is the first of its kind. The discussion starts with the contributions of the pre-moderns, Delsarte, Dalcroze, Duncan, and Denishawn, and concludes with training in the present era. It provides a comparative approach that will enable students to try each technique with sample lessons and to contrast the different philosophies. The author pairs Martha Graham with Doris Humphrey, Katherine Dunham with Lester Horton, José Limón with Erick Hawkins, Alwin Nikolais/Murray Louis with Merce Cunningham. Paul Taylor has his own chapter, leading to the book’s conclusion on how modern dance training is currently approached.

The purpose is to examine a broad spectrum of classic modern techniques and to provide practical studio applications. The techniques are placed within historical and cultural contexts, so that we see the interconnectedness of choreography with history. The book is divided into teaching units, with each chapter pairing compatible or contrasting training systems. Each unit contains core ideas, a series of journaling and discussion topics, and experiments in improvisation; technical genesis which includes biographical sketches on the choreographers with brief discussions of their choreographies and companies, and a presentation of class material; final questions and experiments address basic ideas that students can use to further their understanding of the material presented in the unit.


1. The Expressionists: François Delsarte, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, Isadora Duncan, Denishawn
2. The Originators: Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey
3. The Mavericks: Katherine Dunham, Lester Horton
4. The Next Generation: José Limón, Erick Hawkins
5. The Avant-Garde: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, Merce Cunningham
6. Postmodernism: Paul Taylor
7. Post-Judson Training Practices

A. Economy of Movement
B. Improving Your Improv
C. Somatics and the Dance Technique Class

The Author
Joshua Legg is a performer, choreographer, director and writer whose teaching credits include Harvard University (where he received a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching), Suffolk University, Northwestern State University of Louisiana and Shenandoah Conservatory (where he received an MFA). He has served as a master teacher and guest lecture/speaker for ACDFA conferences, ADF’s Paul Taylor Institute, the Dance Teacher Summit and various universities. Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques grew out of his writing for Dance Teacher and Dance Spirit magazines. Joshua is an associate member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.

264 pages, paperbound
ISBN 9780871273253
PBC00809 $34.95

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dancemedicineWith a nearly 100% chance of sustaining injury
in a lifetime of dance, this book shows how
dancers can keep on dancing.

Dance Medicine: Head to Toe
A Dancer’s Guide to Health

by Judith R. Peterson, M.D.

sample pages

Written for dancers –student and professional, teachers, and parents by a dance medicine specialist, this exciting new book will quickly become indispensible because of its concise information about health, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and the treatment of common problems.

Designed as a tour of the body from head to toe, it includes advice specific to dancers’ well-being, such as body awareness and self-image, diet and eating disorders, whiplash, stress fractures, turn-out, and painful and damaged knees, feet, and toes; and the excellent five critical things to know and five great exercises for each part of the body at the end of each chapter. With a nearly 100% chance of sustaining injury in a lifetime of dance, this book shows how dancers can keep on dancing by knowing how the body functions and recognizing conditions that require a medical professional.

Profusely illustrated with drawings and with radiographic images from Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, the book’s visual appeal is enhanced by stunning performance photographs of leading members of the Pennsylvania Ballet.

The author: Judith R. Peterson, M.D., was the attending physician to the Pennsylvania Ballet for ten years. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and is certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation by the American Board of Medical Specialties. After graduating from Harvard University, she received her medical degree from Weill Cornell School of Medicine and did residency training at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, an affiliate of Northwestern University.

Click here for the Table of Contents

PBC00375 182 pages paperbound $29.95
PBC00376 182 pages hard cover $59.95

how to teach beginning balletHow to Teach Beginning Ballet
The First Three Years

Judith Newman

You have been trained to dance, but have you been trained to teach? Where do you start? What do you do in each class, and how do you progress, and how fast? Judith Newman answers these questions and many more with clarity and simplicity so that the beginning ballet teacher can enter the studio with knowledge and confidence – and a plan.

This “how to” book is written from the author’s 30-plus years of teaching ballet (beginning with trial and error) so that teachers today will have a better experience when facing their first class of seven-year-olds. “I didn’t have a clue,” she says. But you will.

The first advice is: be prepared. Allow enough time to warm up, clear your mind of
distractions, compose a class that has too much material rather than too little, and memorize what you are going to teach (rather than to shuffle through papers).

In the classroom: dress appropriately (you are the model), speak loudly and clearly, use
French terminology and teach your students to do so, demonstrate correctly and beautifully, memorize the names of your students.

The last chapter, Your Own Studio, will be invaluable for running the studio, how to set rules, dealing with behavior problems, assessing progress, and professional ethics.

As the first year syllabus begins, the author provides a guideline, not a timetable. She allows for adapting the syllabus to the needs of your students.

With complete syllabi for each of the three years of beginning ballet instruction, this guide is perfect for helping dancers transition into becoming dance teachers and refreshing the skills of current dance instructors.

Judith Newman trained at the Miami Conservatory and the School of American Ballet.
She performed as soloist with the National Ballet, the Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich), and the Pennsylvania Ballet. She began teaching ballet in 1970, opening her own studio. In1982 she joined the faculty of the distinguished New World School of the Arts in Miami, becoming Associate Professor.

200 pages, paperbound, 8-½” x 11”
208 photographs demonstrating ballet positions
ISBN 9780871273741

PBC00714 $27.95

Back in Print

PBC002236Yoga in Your School

Exercises for Classroom,
Gym and Playground

Teressa Asencia

A rich resource for educators to introduce Yoga
into the learning environment..."

Theresa Purcell Cone, PhD, dance and physical education specialist

Dozens of simple Hath Yoga-based exercises tailored for students fill this resource. Each featured posture can be practiced in as few as three minutes. They develop concentration, improve motor skills and boost strength, flexibility and balance while enhancing relationships.

Table of Contents
One: Why Yoga in Your School
Two: Energy/Enthusiasm
Three: Strength/Courage
Five: Harmony/Friendship
Six: Joy/Contentment
Seven: Silence/Stillness

The Author: Terresa Asencia, M.A.CUNY has taught Yoga and creative dance for thirty years and is currently teaching in Kerala, India.

106 pages, 120 black and white photographs
ISBN 9780871272867
PBC02236 $19.95

From Dance Books Ltd., London

dbl0050At the Sign of the Harlequin’s Bat

My Years with Cyril Beaumont

Isabelle Stoughton

In London, a few steps from the bookshop at 84 Charing Cross Road, made famous by the film starring Ann Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins, and Dame Judi Densch, stood the quirky dance bookshop at Number 75 operated by Cyril Beaumont, At the Sign of the Harlequin’s Bat. “Mr. B,” as he is known in this memoir, was a master of all things balletic as writer, publisher, critic, and historian. The author, Isabelle Stoughton, was hired as his assistant in the shop in 1953, which had remained largely unchanged since it opened in 1910. Here she reveals Mr. B’s character as showing both good humor and irascibility, not concealing his displeasure to customers he disliked, yet kissing her on the cheeks every morning. At the end of her employment in 1956 the author marries a customer, a medical student with more than a ballet interest in the shop.

104 pages, paperbound
ISBN 9781852731502
DBL00050 $19.95

adv_labanotation1Advanced Labanotation #1:
Canon Forms

by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Rob Van Haarst

Canon Forms shows how to write in Labanotation the choreographic device of canon. It analyses the different forms of canon and shows how they have been applied in George Balanchine’s Seranade and Stars and Stripes, and in Paul Taylor’s Esplanade.

Paperback, 102 pages 6¾” x 9¾”
ISBN 9781852731397
DBL01090 $29.95

adv_labanotation2Advanced Labanotation #2:
Shape, Design, Trace Patterns

by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Rob Van Haarst

This book shows the application of design drawing and the use of shape in pantomime gestures and the handling of props in such choreography as The Green Table by Kurt Jooss.

Paperback, 104 pages 6¾” x 9¾”
ISBN 9781852731465
DBL01091 $29.95

adv_labanotation3Advanced Labanotation #3:
Kneeling, Sitting, Lying

by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Rob Van Haarst
A comprehensive manual for writing movement when the body is not supported by the feet; i.e.: get up from lying, lie down from standing, roll from sitting onto the knees etc. Also offers a complete survey of Labanotation rules about distance, timing, systems of reference, weight distribution and floor contact.

Paperback, 218 pages, 6¾” x 9¾”
ISBN 9781852731472
DBL01092 $36.95

imaginary_dancesImaginary Dances
More Themes for Children Dancing

by Rosa Shreves

For teachers of children ages 6 through 9, Imaginary Dances provides 9 themes, giving a wide variety of dance and related experiences. Visual art forms and creating music with voice or percussion instruments are frequently interwoven in to the dance ideas. The emphasis throughout the book is on fostering the interconnections between the body, mind and imagination.

Paperback, 112 pages 8¼” x 11¾” 62 illustrations
ISBN 9781852731441
DBL00806 $24.95

Ninette de Valois and Wiliam Butler Yeats

by Richard Allen Cave

“They met in Cambridge in May 1927 in the foyer of the Festival Theatre; her major conquests lay before her; his career as poet, dramatist, theatre director and practitioner was at a peak.” This scholarly study looks at de Valois’ involvement with Yeats’ four dance plays at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre as performer and choreographer: Fighting the Waves, The Dreaming of the Bones, At the Hawk’s Well, The King of the Great Clock Tower.

The author is Professor Emeritus in Drama and Theatre Arts
at the University of London.

168 pages, 48 photographs, paperbound, 2011
ISBN 9781852731434
DBL00252 $29.95

folkdancesjamaicaFolk Dances of Jamaica

Hilary S. Carty

Originally published in 1988, Folk Dances of Jamaica is a detailed practical and theoretical discussion of five Jamaican folk dances – the Kumina, Dinkie Minie, Quadrille, Bruckin’s, and Revival. Illustrated with bold drawings by “H” Patten. The book provides practical information on both technique and performance.

The author conducted her research in traditional settings in Jamaica and at the Jamaica School of Dance.

98 pages, paperbound
ISBN 978-1-85273-007-9, republished 2010
DBL00512 $19.95

Appreciating Dance • 4th Edition

appdanceAppreciating Dance, 4th Edition, is a concise, thorough, and accurate history and current picture of all forms of dance. It gives a brief biography of many of the notable dancers and choreographers who have contributed to each form of dance, and provides, in a nutshell, the information needed to expand the enjoyment of performance. It also details the development of dance from its earliest beginnings, and covers the intersection of dance and religion, social dance, ballet, modern dance, tap, jazz, film and theatrical dance, and contemporary dance. This edition has been revised throughout and includes a new last chapter “Dance in the New Millennium.” Adding to its usefulness are lists of Social Dances of Europe and America, Basic Ballet Terminology, Hollywood Movie Musicals, and Dance Organizations, as well as Suggested Readings and Filmographies.
1. Origins and Definitions
2. Dance and Religion
3. Social Dance
4. Bugaku and Ballet: From Royal Courts to Theatrical Dance
5. Modern Dance: New Voices, New Ideas
6. Tap, Jazz, Musical and Film Dance: The American Originals
7. Careers in Dance
8. Dance in the New Millennium
ISBN 9780871273185
160 pages paperbound
PBC00043 $29.95

About the Author: Harriet R. Lihs is Associate Professor of Dance at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. A graduate of the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, she received a BA and MA from the University of Iowa, and an MFA from Smith College.

Adopted for courses at:
Cal. State University, Dominguez Hills; Christopher Newport College; College of the Canyons; Cuyahoga Community College; De Anza College; Drexel University; Dutchess Comm. College (NY); East Stroudsburg State University (PA); El Camino College; Houston Community College; Howard College; Lamar University; Linfield College; Lone Star College (TX); Mercyhurst College; Middle Tennessee State University; Monmouth University (NJ); Montclair State University; Old Dominion University; Queens College (CUNY); San Antonio College; Slippery Rock State University (PA); Springfield College; St. Catharine College (KY); Stephen F. Austin State University (TX); Texas Woman's University; University of Alberta; University of Central Missouri; University of North Carolina, Greensboro and Charlotte; University of South Florida; University of Tulsa, Richland College (TX); University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Utah Valley University; Washington College; Weber State University; Western Michigan University; Winthrop University; York Regional School District (Canada)

dynamic_bodyThe Dynamic Body in Space

Exploring and Developing Rudolf Laban’s Ideas for the 21st Century: Presentations from the Laban International Conference October 2008, At Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London

Edited by Valerie Preston-Dunlap and Lesley-Anne Sayers

To mark the 50th anniversary of Laban’s death, presenters and delegates from 26 countries gathered to discuss how and where his work is being practiced today, how his ideas are being developed, and how relevant they are to the 21st century. The answers were provided in some 80 presentations, 31 of which have been collected and edited for this volume. The subjects range from: choreography, movement analysis, choreology, the documentation of performing arts, architecture, therapy, and education to the training of the dancer, actor and musical conductor.

266 pages, paperback
ISBN 9781852731380
DBL00407 $39.95

la_fille_bookLa Fille Mal Gardée

Edited by Ivor Guest

In 1960, when Frederick Ashton choreographed his version of La Fille Mal Gardée, The Dancing Times of London published a collection of articles about the ballet edited by the distinguished historian, Ivor Guest, which has now been reprinted. The 1960 production is discussed by the work’s creators: Ashton himself, the designer Osbert Lancaster, the musical arranger John Lanchberry, and the ballerina Nadia Nerina. Historical perspective is provided by Tamara Karsavina, Winifred Edwards, Ivor Guest, Lillian Moore, and Marina Grut.

103 pages paperback. 28 black and white photos.
ISBN 9781852731342
DBL01097 $21.95

Back In Print in Paperback

debasilballetrussesDe Basil’s Ballets Russes

By Kathrine Sorley Walker

Drawn partly from the scattered remnants of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and partly from extraordinary new talent, Colonel Vassili de Basil’s company of dancers, founded in 1932, kept alive the heritage of Russian ballet for a period spanning virtually twenty years, touring in Europe, the USA, Central and South America, and Australasia. It preserved the greatest of the Diaghilev ballets and mounted many new ones, among them major works by Balanchine,Fokine, Massine, Nijinska, and Lichine. It provided a brilliant showcase for established dancers such as Danilova, Woizikovsky, and Massine, and launched the “baby ballerinas” Toumanova, Baronova, and Riabouchinska. The company appeared not only in great capitals but in places where classical dance had rarely if ever been seen before. The story of the de Basil ballet is one of glamour, mystery, and obsessive dedication.

Kathrine Sorley Walker is an eminent British ballet critic and historian. Her reviews have appeared in the London Daily Telegraph and she has contributed to journals such as Dance Chronicle and The Dancing Times. Her other books are Ninette de Valois: Idealist without Illusions, and Cyril W. Beaumont: Dance Writer and Publisher.

368 pages, including 32 pages of photographs, paperback
ISBN 97891852731373
DBL 00403 $29.95

A Personal Memoir of Marie Rambert

Brigitte Kelly

Although the name Rambert is now associated with modern dance, Marie Rambert, the founder of the Rambert Dance Company, was one of the instigators of the flowering of English Ballet in the 1930s. She nurtured and guided a remarkable number of gifted choreographers, notably Frederick Ashton, Antony Tudor, Walter Gore, Norman Morrice and Christopher Bruce. Lively, witty, unpredictable, often outrageous, 'Mim' is about Marie Rambert, the woman, from her upbringing in her native Poland until her death in 1982 at the age of 94.

204 pages, 16 pages of photographs, paperbound
ISBN 9781852731274
DBL01226 $21.95

robt_helpmannRobert Helpmann:
A Rare  Sense of Theatre

Kathrine Sorley Walker

Sir Robert Helpmann was a consummate man oif the theatre, equally proficient as dancer or actor, in comedy or tragedy, and as a choreographer or director. In this book Kathrine Sorley Walker surveys a career which spanned more than five decades in multiple disciplines. He was a member of the Vic-Wells ballet from 1933 to 1950,partnering Margot Fonteyn in her famous roles. Later he became associated with the Royal Ballet and served as artistic director and choreographer for the Australian Ballet. He is perhaps best known to the general public for his part in The Red Shoes.

The author: Kathrine Sorley Walker is a British ballet critic and historian.

224 pages, 16 pages of photographs, paperbound
ISBN 9781852731335
DBL01720 $21.95

landerHarald Lander: His Life and Ballets

Erik Aschengreen
(Translated from Danish by Patricia N. McAndrew)

Harald Lander (1905-1971) was the most important figure in the history of the Royal Danish Ballet in the 20th Century. During his 19 years as Artistic Director (1932-1951) he laid the foundations for the worldwide fame which the company gained in the second part of the century. Following a scandal in 1951, Lander left Denmark to become ballet master and choreographer at the Paris Opera Ballet and, for a time, the head of its ballet school.

This biography dispels many of the myths and rumors about this remarkable man, and chronicles his fall from grace and ultimate rehabilitation.

432 pages (including 48 pages of black and white photos)
ISBN 9781852731298
DBL 00725 $60.00

rolfdemareRolf de Maré
Art Collector, Ballet Director, Museum Curator

Erik Näslund

With a fortune inherited from one of Sweden ’s wealthiest families, Rolf de Maré (1888-1964) was able indulge in a life in the arts as an art collector, a ballet director, and a museum founder. He has often been compared to Diaghilev by creating his own company, the Ballets Suédois, in Paris (1920-1925), which attracted many of the leading painters, poets, and composers of the time such as Cocteau, Leger, Picabia, Satie, and Claudel. His home was a magnet for a cosmopolitan elite from both the art world and Parisian high society in the 1920s. He opened the first dance museum in Paris in 1933 and, after his death, left his impressive art collection to the Paris Opera Museum and to the Stockholm Dance Museum.

The author, Erik Näslund, is the Director of the Stockholm Dance Museum.

616 pages (including over 1,000 illustrations, many in color)
ISBN 978182731281
DBL 01723 $95.00

Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind
The Power of Positive Imagery:
Over 80 Exercises and a 10-Day Beauty Program

Eric Franklin

Mind-Body expert Eric Franklin emphasizes lifestyle and positive mental attitude rather than surgery, creams or pills, in this guide to staying young through mental stimulation, self-talk, setting of goals, motivation, and relaxation. He takes you on a journey through the body from the face, to joints, bones, muscles, organs, glands, and the nervous system, with specific exercises for rejuvenating each part. The concluding 10-Day Beauty Program provides a selection of different mental and physical techniques designed to produce results that can be seen and felt in only 10 days. Illustrated with 84 drawings and 12 photos.

168 pages paperbound
ISBN 9780871273093

ELY00613 $19.95

Labanotation for Beginners

Ann Kipling Brown

Labanotation is one of the most widely used systems of dance notation in the world today, and this elementary textbook provides practical instructions for the study of its basic principles. Students using it will examine the elements of movement and notation, and practice dances they have created themselves, as well as learn about dances created by established choreographers.

The principles of the system are presented in a sequence of clear, graded lessons, illustrated with numerous examples and supplemented with practical exercises in reading and writing, with each section of the text presenting logical progressions of exploring and recording movement.

ISBN 9781852731236
84 pages, paperback

DBL02218 $24.95

Rudolf Laban:
An Extraordinary Life

Valerie Preston-Dunlop

Rudolf Laban (1879-1958) was a visionary, a mystic, a lover, a leader, a dancer, an artist, a teacher, and a theorist. This is the story of his extraordinary life, a life intimately bound up with the political, social and cultural upheavals that formed the turbulent backdrop of modern Europe. He witnessed the dissolution of the old order and was caught up in the rise of Nazism from which he was eventually forced to flee to Britain. He made his lasting impact in movement and dance, uncovering the interconnectedness of the body and the psyche, the individual and the group; and he devised a revolutionary method of movement notation that continues its use and influence today. His ideas have generated innovations, not just in dance, but also in acting and performance, in the study of nonverbal communication, in ergonomics, in educational theory and child development, in personality assessment and psychotherapy. This book tells the story of his life of idealism, disillusion and determination.

320 pages, paperbound
ISBN-13 978-1-85273-124-3

DBL02217 $32.00

The Romantic Ballet in Paris

Ivor Guest

Stars of the romantic ballet, as well as the choreographers, composers, designers, and balletomanes of the time are brought to life in a colorful panorama of this great age of French ballet. The age of romanticism in the first half of the nineteenth century was one of the greatest periods in the history of ballet. In a span of three decades (1820 to 1847) ballet became what it had never been before—a major theater art, gaining new vitality and meaning from the ideas of the romantic movement which rapidly infiltrated each one of its component parts: scenarios, music, décor, choreography and dance style.

The center of the romantic ballet was the Paris Opéra. Its high priest was the poet Théophile Gautier, who wrote the scenarios of Giselle and other ballets. He explained the dual nature of the romantic ballet by contrasting the two rival ballerinas, the spiritual Taglioni and the passionate Elssler.

This definitive study, completely revised and updated, handsomely produced and beautifully illustrated, is based on exhaustive research of the archives of the Paris Opéra and printed and pictorial sources of the time.

ISBN 978-1-85273-119-9
DBL01725 $82.00

The Cecchetti Legacy
An Analysis and Description of the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet

Ann Hutchinson Guest and Toby Bennett

The Cecchetti Legacy provides a more detailed account of the Cecchetti Method, one of the great classical methods of teaching ballet, than has yet been published. Both word descriptions and Labanotation are used to describe style and technique (body integration, dynamics and space, the use of the head and torso, the use of the arms and the use of the leg and foot) and the enchainements (barre work, port de bras, center practice, adage, center pirouettes, allegro, des pas sur les pointes, steps for men, tours en diagonale and tours round the room). For those teachers and students who cannot read Labanotation there is much in the written text that will both supplement and clarify a great deal of what is already available in the Cecchetti manuals, although an ability to read Labanotation would be very helpful in using this book.

This complete Labanotation score, drawing on wide sources of information, as well as exploring more detailed descriptions of movement texture and timing (those “extras” that give the style its character and exceed mere word instruction), will enable future dance students and scholars to access an even more comprehensive account of Enrico Cecchettis legacy.

Bibliography, index, guide to weekly exercises, illustrated
378 pages, paperbound, 8-1/4" x 11-1/2"
ISBN 978-1-85273-122-9
DBL00199 $65.00

Dancing the Black Question
The Phoenix Dance Company Phenomenon

Christy Adair

A dynamic cultural history of the internationally celebrated Phoenix Dance Company, unique in several ways: its members were in their teens when they formed the company in 1981, they gained recognition very early in their careers through an established television arts program in 1984, they were skillful performers but had not received formal training, they were based in the north of England at a time when most dance centered in London (and New York), and they were black British men who had known each other since childhood, coming from a tight-knit African-Caribbean community.

As children, they “learned a lot from London Contemporary Dance Theatre and watched videos of Twyla Tharp, Netherlands Dance Company, Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Alvin Ailey Company.”

This complex narrative, played out through gender, ethnicity and class, places Phoenix as a significant artistic force in contemporary dance. One of the paradoxes it faced was the expectation by funding bodies, critics and audiences that it represent “the black community.” Such expectations posed a challenge for each successive artistic director. This provocative story investigates institutional racism on the part of arts policy makers, funders and critics.

339 pages, paperbound, 6" x 9"
ISBN 978-1-85273-116-8
DBL00402 $45.00

Stravinsky Dances
Re-Visions Across a Century

Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan’s ground-breaking survey and close examination of a range of Stravinsky dances—some familiar, others less so—sheds new, unexpected light upon a renowned composer of ballet music. This book is essential reading for scholars and students in the fields of dance, music and interdisciplinary studies.

615 pages, paperbound
ISBN 978-1-85273-125-0
DBL01835 $110.00

The Struggle with the Angel
A Poetics of Lloyd Newson’s Strange Fish

Janet Adshead-Lansdale

From the book: “Theoretically and methodologically, this text offers a contribution to the development of interpretive theory in the arts and to the analysis of performance practices.

Topical, conceptual, and methological problems are explored through an extended analysis of Strange Fish (1992) by Lloyd Newson and the DV8 Physical Theatre (UK)

...I ask how it comments on and reconstructs ‘the story’ of Christ. It uses well-known moments and images from the story of his life and draws on the morality found in biblical tales.

...In ironic contrast, it challenges Christian views of morality at a time of discomfort for the Church. Evidence emerges of explicit homosexuality, of child abuse, and the fathering of illegitimate children. This evidence invites the view that theological attacks on different forms of sexuality are mendacious and dishonest.”

268 pages, paperbound, 6" x 9"
ISBN 978-1-85273-117-5
DBL02216 $44.95

New from
Princeton Book Company/
Elysian Editions

High Performance Beauty
Makeup & Skin Care for Dance, Cheer,
Show Choir, Pageants & Ice Skating

Christine Dion

“An invaluable resource, beauty guide, and instructional book
that educates and empowers performance artists!”
–Linda Bernabei-Retter, President, Stagewear L.A. Costume Collection

“The perfect book for every performer, mom, studio owner
and applier of makeup of every age! Easy to read in a
logical format that presents must-have knowledge.”
–Doug Shaffer, President, Music Works

“Certainly a must have for all performers!
You do not need to search any further than this wonderful book.”
–Joe Tremaine, President, Joe Tremaine Dance Conventions and Competitions

Starting with the essentials of basic skin care and maintenance, this comprehensive guide details tips and techniques for handling the unique makeup needs of performance athletes such as dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, and skaters. Following a discussion of the different skin types, daily routines and various products–including herbal remedies–the guide lays the groundwork for the creation of a flawless, long-lasting, face. In addition to detailing the fundamentals of makeup application, the book explains how to make allowances for extreme and varied conditions of performance spaces and demonstrates how to camouflage individual flaws. A section on character faces includes directions for creating a Spanish flamenco, a cabaret star, a ballerina angel, and a cat.

About the Author:
Christine Dion has more than 25 years of experience as a makeup artist and is the owner of Mode Dion, a cosmetics and makeup training company that specializes in providing cosmetics and education to performing artists. As an educator and trainer she has collaborated with companies such as Chanel, Estée Lauder Corporation, and Gucci. She is the producer of the film The Competition Face: The Winning Look and has written for American Cheerleader, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher. She lives in Palm Desert, California.

128 pages, paperbound
7-1/2" x 9-3/4"
146 full color photographs
ISBN-10 0-87127-303-9
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-303-1
ELY01554 $24.95

also available in this series
High Performance Beauty DVDs

Junior Stage Face

with Christine Dion

Shows juniors (under 11 years), and those who help them with their make-up, how to achieve a flawless performance face Easy, fast and comforting, Christine guides the viewer through techniques that are designed just for children who are, at times, uneasy with the experience of makeup application. From achieving perfect brows (the frame), beautiful open eyes, flawless skin, enhancing small features and adding show appeal, this instructional will show you the way to a professional, age appropriate, polished performance face.

VCD001 $19.95

Senior/Adult Stage Face

with Christine Dion

Shows teens and adults how to get a flawless stage face. Perfect for dance, cheer and show choir. Easy to follow application techniques along with enlightening do’s and don’ts. Discusses using neutral colors to compliment every costume change. Demonstrates how to define features and add show appeal for the most polished performance face.

VCD002 $19.95

Yoga in
Your School

Exercises for Classroom, Gym and Playground

Teressa Asencia

Yoga in Your School presents a series of short “Yoga breaks” designed for teachers to easily insert into their daily classroom schedule. Each posture or breathing technique may be practiced in less than three minutes, so that they may be used regularly or as needed, when attention or energy begins to wane. The short segments may also be combined to create longer sequences for physical education classes, playgrounds, athletic and recreation centers, camps and dance schools. This book is designed to jump off the pages and inspire teachers to adapt the exercises to work in their particular circumstance with no additional training. These simple movement exercises are designed to develop concentration, improve motor skills and physical fitness, develop strength, flexibility and balance.

By simply taking a few moments to stop between activities to breathe and stretch, teachers may create a harmonious classroom with calm alert children who are receptive and eager to learn.

“Within the next ten years, Yoga in school will be the norm.”
—Miriam Gates, Child magazine

About the Author: Teressa Asencia, B.A. University of Iowa, M.A. City University of New York, has taught Yoga for twenty five years in California, New York, Canada, China, Tunisia and France and continues to teach Yoga workshops internationally. She wrote and produced three Yoga series for Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and is the author of Playful Family Yoga.

112 pages, paperbound,
7-1/4" x 9"
129 black & white photographs
ISBN-10 0-87127-286-5
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-286-7
PBC02236 $19.95

Paris Discovered
Explorations in the City of Light

Mary McAuliffe

Paris Discovered is a collection of 50 probing chapters intended for armchair travelers and visitors to the City of Light. Digging deep into Paris’ memories, the author has discovered patterns of the past that have left tangible imprints on the city today. McAuliffe explores Paris through space and time, from the top of Notre Dame to the medieval aqueducts that still lie beneath its streets; from the Impressionists’ Path to the barricades of Les Miserables; from Abélard and Héloïse to Napoleon; from the antiques of Village Saint-Paul to the new hot spot for shopping, Viaduc des Arts. She unearths the Paris that charmed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in the eighteenth century - and George Gershwin and Ernest Hemingway in the twentieth century. In her explorations, McAuliffe discovers a hidden river, the Bièvre, and follows its course. You feel that you are on an adventure with the author as she investigates the city and discovers surprises such as a twelfth century chapel disguised as a private house! Or a mysterious small round building with a distinctive cupola that turns out to be part of an ancient waterworks! Full of off-the-beaten path excursions and little known historical facts about prominent locations, Paris Discovered intrigues and englightens.

Elysian Editions
ISBN-10 0-87127-287-3
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-287-4
Cloth bound, 288 pages 6" x 9"
ELY01551 $21.95

Dance in Poetry
An International Anthology
of Poems on Dance

Compiled by Alkis Raftis

The 105 poems that comprise this anthology are as delightfully varied in voice as the dancing that inspires them. With this collection, Raftis proposes that we celebrate the diversity of dance and hear poetry’s response to the many languages of the body. Poets include Denise Levertov, William Carlos Williams, Lord Byron, Langston Hughes, D.H. Lawrence, Sa’di, Claude McKay, Euripedes, Li Po, Thomas Hardy, Theodore Roethke, Rainer Maria Rilke and Carl Sandburg.

192 pages, paperbound, 6" x 9"
ISBN-10 0-87127-284-9
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-284-3

Dancing in
Your School

A Guide for Preschool and Elementary School Teachers

Anne Dunkin

This joyful book guides and encourages teachers to incorporate movement into classroom learning. Included are seventy easy and fun classroom movement activities that serve as examples for you to use when creating your own variations, even if you have not studied movement or dance. Lesson plans provide models for building your own.

The book provides an historical overview of dancing in U.S. public education curriculum during the twentieth and twenty first century. It identifies the objectives of physical education curriculum, kinesthetic reinforcement of classroom learning, and arts education, all in relation to dance education. In addition to giving a strong argument for the value of movement awareness during educational development, this book includes resource lists and a specialized index of movement, activities and dances.

“I really enjoyed reading this book and trying ideas out with my students.”
—Chris Roberts, 4th grade teacher, Utah

“Dunkin has been successful in laying out intricate concepts in a direct, comprehensive and organized fashion.”
Barbara Bashaw, Director of Dance Education, New York University

About the Author: Ann Dunkin has a Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory from the University of California, Riverside, and an M.A. in Human Development Education from the University of Maryland. She has several decades of experience in developing and presenting dance education programs for children and their teachers, and toured much of the U.S. for several years performing original children's dance productions and conducting teachers' workshops. Among much other experience presenting dance in education, she taught “teaching dance” to pre-service elementary educators at California State University.

144 pages, paperbound
7-1/4" x 9"
74 line drawings
ISBN-10 0-87127-285-7
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-285-0
PBC00295 $24.95

Inner Focus
Outer Strength

Using Imagery and Exercise for Strength, Health, and Beauty

Eric Franklin

The mental technique of imagery—demonstrated, for example, when a dancer pictures a sunflower reaching toward the sun as he/ she stretches upwardis thoroughly explained in this guide to daily stress-relieving routines. Movement, coordination, flexibility, and posture are all external characteristics that can be improved significantly with a strong inner focus.

Good mental health through imagery can benefit circulation, breathing and even individual body cells. Practical advice—how to choose and use an assortment of personal mental images, how to use tricks such as “mental recycling,” and how to set up an imagined “portable fitness studio”—can be used stress-inducing dead time waiting in line, climbing stairs, sitting in an airplane seat, talking on the telephone, or running the vacuum cleaner.

128 pages, paperbound,
7-1/2" x 9-1/4"
ISBN-10 0-87127-288-1
ISBN-13 978-0-87127-288-1
ELY00820 $19.95

Rhythmic Subjects
Uses of energy in the dances of Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, and Merce Cunningham

Dee Reynolds

The goal in this interdisciplinary book is to show that uses of energy in movement are central to dance practice and analysis.

316 pages, paperbound

ISBN 978-1-85273-112-0

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