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Dance Horizons has an extensive resource of books,
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Doris Humphrey: An Artist First

An Autobiography, edited and completed
by Selma Jeanne Cohen

ISBN 9780871272010
PBC00364 $18.95

The Art of Making Dances
Doris Humphrey

ISBN 9780871271587
PBC00014 $21.95

Doris Humphrey:
The Collected Works Vol 1

Notated by Ann Hutchinson, Els Grelinger, and Odette Blum Introduction by Selma Jean Cohen

Complete Labanotation scores of
Water Study, The Shakers, and Partita V.

ISBN 9780932582003
DNB00219 $140.00

Doris Humphrey:
The Collected Works Vol 2

Notated by Jane Marriet and Muriel Topaz Introduction by Ernestine Stodelle Complete

Labanotation scores of Air for the G String, Two Ecstatic Themes and Day on Earth, with notes and movement analyses for each by Ernestine Stodelle.

ISBN 9780932582294
DNB00235 $140.00


techdorishumphreyebookThe Dance Technique of Doris Humphrey
and Its Creative Potential

Ernestine Stodelle

Paying respect to the work of American modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey, this publication was the first documentation in book format of her movement theories, presented and analyzed by a first-generation disciple.

The book is divided into four parts:
The Background of the Technique;
The Technique as Practice;
The Creative Potential of the Technique;

and Epilogue,analyzing the choreographic concepts underlying Air for the G String, La Valse, Two Ecstatic Themes and Passacaglia.

21 illustrations 283 pages, first published 1965

ISBN 0-87127-278-4 $19.95

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Dance Works of Doris Humphrey

Part 1
With My Red Fires
and New Dance

VDH014D $49.95

Part II (VHS)
Ritmo Jondo
and Day on Earth

VDH014D $49.95

Doris Humphrey Legacy Series

Air For
The G String


The Call/
Breath Of Fire




Two Ecstatic Themes




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newdacen4americaWhat a Beautiful documentary! ...done with admiration,
adoration,good taste and love... a remarkable service
to dance and the history of modern dance.
Robert Lindgren
  Founding Dean, North Carolina School of the Arts
  Past President, School of American Ballet

A New Dance for America

The Choreography, Teachings and Legacy of Doris Humphrey

Narrated by Doris Humphrey, Lindsay Crouse, and Ina Hahn
Written and directed by Ina Hahn
Featuring rare archival footage of Doris Humphrey
and the Humphrey-Weidman Company

The story of the life and works of modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey (1895-1958) is the focus of this documentary. It leads from her birth in Oak Park, Illinois, to growing up in a theatrical hotel in Chicago where she supported her parents as a dance teacher at the age of 18, the launch of her professional career in the Denishawn Company, establishing her own company with partner Charles Weidman, to serving as artistic director and choreographer for José Limón. Historical and contemporary performance excerpts cover the span of her career from her earliest composition, Valse Caprice (1920), to her last, Brandenberg Concerto (1958), and represent some of her finest pieces such as Soaring, Passacaglia in C Minor, New Dance and Day on Earth.

Attention has been paid to placing her growth as a dance artist and her contribution to the development of modern dance within the context of twentieth century history. Interviews with former dancers who worked with her and with her son complete the picture of this indomitable woman who, along with Charles Weidman and Martha Graham, forged a new art form growing out of the national experience of pioneering, freedom of expression, wide open spaces and democratic values.

80 min., color and b&w, 2010

VWH002 $29.95


dorishumphreytechdvdDoris Humphrey Technique: The Creative Potential

Written, Directed and Hosted by Ernestine Stodelle
Photographs by Barbara Morgan
Sponsored and Produced by the Doris Humphrey Society

With Four Early Humphrey Dances:
Quasi-Valse • Two Ecstatic Themes • Etude Patetico
Air for the G String (1934) with Doris Humphrey

In this essential DVD for understanding the Humphrey style, Stodelle presents a series of studies illustrating falls, turns, breath rhythm, successional flow, leaps, circular swings, and leverage. She provides commentary for a clip from the 1936 silent film on the technique as well as for a sequence of photographs by Barbara Morgan. Because the technique is closely linked to the choreography, the three early dances Stodelle has reconstructed serve as examples of the technique’s use in composition. The DVD concludes with the 1934 film Air for the G String with Doris Humphrey performing the central role.

VDH018D $49.95

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