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every little movementEvery Little Movement:
A Book About François Delsarte

by Ted Shawn

Ground-breaking dancer and choreographer Ted Shawn writes about Delsarte’s life and philosophy, his science of applied aesthetics, the application of this science to the art of dance, and influence of Delsarte on American dance.

François Delsarte (1811-1871) discovered principles that demonstrate that the body gives form to feeling and, therefore, to meaning. “Gesture,” he said, “is the direct agent of the heart.” Important to dancers is the way emotional states are reflected in gesture, movements, shape of the body, and facial contours, which are described and illustrated in this book. Shawn writes: “From my first introduction to Delsarte’s principles and laws in 1914, I have consciously used and applied them in all my work as dancer, choreographer, and teacher.”

1. François Delsarte, The Man and His Philosophy
2. A Statement of the Laws of Delsarte’s Philosophy
3. Application of These Laws to the Art of the Dance
4. The Influence of Delsarte on American Dance
Appendix: Bibliography with Commentary

The Author
Ted Shawn (1891-1972) has been called the “Father of American Dance.” With Ruth St. Denis he founded the Denishawn Company and school in 1915, and in 1931 founded Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, which continues today. His Men’s Group, which he established in 1933, sought to overcome the prevailing prejudice against male dancers.

127 pages

ISBN 9780871273932 $9.99

Looking at Contemporary Dance
A Guide for the Internet Age

By Marc Raymond Strauss
With Myron Howard Nadel

looking at contemporary danceA decade-by-decade approach to the 20th and 21st centuries, covering more than 110 choreographers, companies, institutions, and dancers from both modern dance and ballet, and over 220 search addresses. Ideal for use in smart classrooms where, with the pressing of a few keys, teachers can present clips of dances from the Internet to illustrate the text and supplement their lectures. A videography for each chapter provides information for viewing complete works and documentaries.

208 pages

ISBN 9780871273819 $24.99

Yoga in Your School
Exercises for Classroom, Gym and Playground

Teressa Asencia

"A rich resource for educators to introduce Yoga into the learning environment..."
Theresa Purcell Cone, PhD, dance and physical education specialist

yoga in your schoolDozens of simple Hath Yoga-based exercises tailored for students fill this resource. Each featured posture can be practiced in as few as three minutes. They develop concentration, improve motor skills and boost strength, flexibility and balance while enhancing relationships.


144 pages

ISBN 9780871270603 $11.99

Paris Discovered
Explorations in the City of Light
Mary McAuliffe

paris discoveredParis Discovered is a collection of 50 probing chapters intended for armchair travelers and visitors to the City of Light. Digging deep into Paris' memories, the author has discovered patterns of the past that have left tangible imprints on the city today. McAuliffe explores Paris through space and time, from the top of Notre Dame to the medieval aqueducts that still lie beneath its streets; from the Impressionists' Path to the barricades of Les Miserables; from Abélard and Héloïse to Napoleon; from the antiques of Village Saint-Paul to the new hot spot for shopping, Viaduc des Arts. She unearths the Paris that charmed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in the eighteenth century - and George Gershwin and Ernest Hemingway in the twentieth century.

320 pages

ISBN 9780871273710 $14.95

Manhattan Medics
The gripping story of the men and women of Emergency Medical Services who make the streets of the city their career
Francis J. Rella, NREMT-P

manghattan medicsThis is the only first-hand account of the September 11, 2001 attacks and aftermath written by a paramedic. Starting just before the attack on the World Trade Center, the book follows Rella’s paramedic crew from their station at St. Vincent’s Hospital in lower Manhattan and depicts the day-to-day lives of medics in America’s largest city. The book contains real-life dialogue and speaks with a realism that comes only from personal experience

224 pages

ISBN 9780871273680 $11.95

Modern Dance
Techniques and Teaching

Gertrude Shurr
and Rachael Dunaven

The first book to be published documenting Martha Graham's movement technique and vocabulary, as recorded by Graham's original followers. The text, intended for dance educators and students, discusses the principles of modern dance technique and training, illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. The book is divided into three sections: Dance Warm-ups: Floor and Standing; Dance Exercises: Floor and Standing; Dance Techniques: Floor, Standing and Space.

39 illustrations 202 pages, first published 1949

ISBN 9780871272690 $11.95

Elements of Classical Ballet Technique

As Practiced in the School of the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Karel Shook

The text serves as a theoretical and practical outline of Shook's teaching philosophies, championing the rich heritage of American dance from Fanny Elssler's triumphs to the square dances of the pioneers and on to the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

The book is divided into three parts: The Antecedents; The Theory; The Practice.

98 pages, first published 1977

ISBN 9780871272706 $9.95

The Body is a Clear Place
and Other Statements on Dance

Erick Hawkins

A collection of ten intelligent, lyrical essays that serve as a testament to Erick Hawkins' long career in dance. Essay titles are: The Rite in Theatre; Theatre Structure for a New Dance Poetry; Modern Dance as a Voyage of Discovery; Questions and Answers; The Body is a Clear Place; My Love Affair with Music; Inmost Heaven, or The Normative Ideal; Dance as a Metaphor of Existence; The Principle of a Thing; Art in Its Second Function.

12 illustrations 178 pages, first published 1992

ISBN 9780871272713 $10.95


Diane Lynch Fraser

Playdancing, written primarily for teachers' use in the classroom, is a creative movement program developed to foster confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills in children aged three to eight. It discusses the developmental stages of early childhood and the specific skills necessary for creativity to flourish.

Lesson plans and activities are outlined for each stage of development. The activities are designed to increase spatial self-awareness, improve language ability and encourage interpersonal skills.

22 illustrations 138 pages, first published 1991

ISBN 9780871272744 $10.95

The Dance in Theory

John Martin

The Dance in Theory reprints the first third of John MartinŐs seminal 1939 book, Introduction to the Dance. In clear and simple terms, Martin helps us to understand the theoretical underpinnings of modern dance and to view dance with the intelligence and open perspective it deserves.

The content of The Dance in Theory is divided into three sections: The Nature of Movement; Form and Composition; The Basis of Style. With a new introduction by Jack Anderson about the life and work of the author and dance critic, John Martin.

114 pages, first published 1939

ISBN 9780871272737 $9.95

Pre-Classic Dance Forms
The Pavan, Minuet, Galliard, Allemand, and Ten Other Early Dance Forms

Louis Horst

Pre-Classic Dance Forms supplies its readers with complete historical descriptions of sixteenth and seventeenth century dances. For the student of music and dance, Horst offers a brief, readable introduction to this important era of dancing and its customs and styles, and shows how the early dances influenced the growth of modern dance in this century.

24 illustrations 153 pages, first published 1937

ISBN 9780871272768 $10.95

The Borzoi Book of Modern Dance

Margaret Lloyd

This text captures the beginnings of modern dance history fresh from its inception. Lloyd deals with a range of aspects of the art form to show that modern dance is a question of attitude and a way of expression. Lloyd, a former dance critic for The Christian Science Monitor, was an observer of the early development of modern dance.

49 illustrations 445 pages, first published 1949

ISBN 9780871272751 $14.95

The Dance Technique of Doris Humphrey and Its Creative Potential

Ernestine Stodelle

Paying respect to the work of American modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey, this publication was the first documentation in book format of her movement theories, presented and analyzed by a first-generation disciple.

The book is divided into four parts: The Background of the Technique; The Technique as Practice; The Creative Potential of the Technique; and Epilogue, analyzing the choreographic concepts underlying Air for the G String, La Valse, Two Ecstatic Themes and Passacaglia.

21 illustrations 283 pages, first published 1965

ISBN 9780871272782 $19.95

Dance is a Moment

A Portrait of José Limón in Words and Pictures

Barbara Pollack and Charles Humphrey Woodford

Dance is a Moment captures Lim—nŐs personality and achievements through a combination of narrative, direct quotations and stunning photography.

The portrait is divided according to the spheres of his life: Part I (Life) and Part II (Work), focusing on one of his most famous dance compositions, There is a Time.

52 illustrations 111 pages, first published 1993

ISBN 9780871272775 $9.95

Both Sides of the Mirror:
The Science and Art of Ballet

Anna Paskevska

Both Sides of the Mirror starts with the premise that skeletal equilibrium promotes harmonious musculature, which in turn makes harmonious movement possible. This second edition, published in 1992, incorporates kinesiology, biomechanics and physiology into the theories of ballet.

Chapters include: Introduction: A Personal Statement; Physical Requirements; Posture and Placement; Progression of Training; Sequence of a Ballet Class; Barre Work; Positions; Port de Bras and Arabesques; Weight Transference and Jumps; Principles of Turning; Pointe Work; Style; Classical and Modern Dance.

210 pages, first published 1992

ISBN 9780871272799 $14.95

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